We develop key cybersecurity policies to define your cybersecurity standards and promote a cyber secure culture.

Security policies are critical for churches and nonprofits. In the event of a security incident, the lack of security policies is typically viewed as organizational negligence.

Security policies establish and communicates your organizations beliefs, goals, and objectives for information security.

What We Do

  • Determine what is needed for your organization

  • Draft key policies (Acceptable Use Policy, Password Policy, Communication Policy, etc.) for your organization

  • Publish, communicate, train, and implement

  • Annually (or as needed when things change in cyberspace) review and update your policies
  • Polices are not the only documents needed. We also develop standards, procedures, and guidelines as needed to ensure your cybersecurity standards are communicated.

Certified and Ready to Serve


Helping You Serve Securely

If you have questions contact us today. We are here to meet your cybersecurity needs.