The greatest cybersecurity risk factor is untrained people. We develop and implement a comprehensive security awareness program. Equip staff and key volunteers through cyber security training and validate their competency.

Through our proven process we help mitigate the human risk. Your staff and volunteers are your number one front-line defenders. Ensure they have the knowledge to protect themselves and your organization in cyberspace.

Old school slide and information only driven cybersecurity awareness training programs do not adequately assess competency and change behavior. Our state-of-the-art programs improve user behavior and reduces your cybersecurity risks.

What We Do

  • Establish a written security awareness policy

  • Implement a phishing Campaign to assess your people risk

  • Communicate the Security Awareness Program

  • Customize a training program

  • Implement quarterly or twice a year phishing campaign to check the effectiveness of the Security Awareness Program

  • Identify high risk users and ensure they are trained

Our Solutions


Helping You Serve Securely

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